What Happens During A Nutritional Therapy Consultation?

Before your first appointment I will ask you to keep a food diary for one week. When treating you, I will analyse your diary and suggest foods you should eat and foods to be avoided. I may also recommend a specific type of diet and supplements to help your body heal itself. I will give you a review date, so that your progress can be monitored and changes can be made to your programme to encourage your body's further healing.

First consultation normally takes approximately up to 2 hours, during which your medical and diet history is taken, your presenting complaint is discussed and initial diagnosis is made. All the recommendations will be presented as a written report, which you will receive within a week of your consultation.

Follow-up appointments are shorter, normally up to 1 hour. During that time I will assess your progress and modify the programme as appropriate. If there are significant changes to the programme, I will write a second report for you.